Ad Hoc at Home’s Leek Bread Pudding & Pan-Roasted Duck

I recently received Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home and couldn’t wait to try it out. I tend to choose challenging, over-the-top recipes without so much as glancing at the required prep time (I guess I never understood the “look before you leap” concept). I figure I’ll be able to wing it and forego necessary marinations, etc. Don’t do it – make sure to read the recipe first.

Three hours later, I had successfully rendered duck fat for the first time, avoided setting my kitchen on fire, and created the most delicious bread pudding to date (it’s that good). I learned I could have done most of the prep work in advance and cut the overall time by one half. Cooking can resemble quite the adventure if you’re not ready for it, but that’s half of the ride.

The recipe is perfect as published in the book mentioned above – Keller’s methods are like a self-taught culinary school. A must buy for any aspiring foodie.



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