A Taste of Belgium: The Best Mussels in San Francisco

Exploring the restaurants in San Francisco is definitely one of my favorite hobbies (yeah, eating is a hobby). The best places are usually understated and slightly off the beaten path, but with superior food quality and friendly customer service.

A colleague recently recommended La Trappe, and claimed they offered the best mussels in the city. “Really??? I LOVE MUSSELS!” Naturally, I dragged my willing boyfriend to try it out for ourselves. We were completely blown away.

La Trappe specializes in belgian beer (an entire binder’s worth), delicious mussels, cheese plates, and twice-cooked belgian fries…among other delights. My colleague recommended the “Moules a la Biere” as an appetizer, served in a dark beer sauce. Seriously, they were the best mussels I have ever had, right outside of Moules Marineres served in the South of France. Add a small cheese plate to these delicious mussels, and you have the perfect late afternoon snack or appetizer combo. We will definitely add La Trappe to our rotation of favorite restaurants.

Moule a la Biere


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