Retreat to Costa Rica

When the opportunity came up to spend 11 days in Costa Rica, I will admit I did not jump at the chance (surely you find me insane).

I am what you would call a lazy vacationer: I love the beach, have an affinity for expensive hotels, and tend to sway from adventure travel. Bugs drive my crazy, and the rainforest isn’t exactly my cup of tea. In spite of these high-maintenance confessions, I also believe in change and pushing the limits. I decided to give Costa Rica a fighting chance; what was all the buzz about?

I planned a trip with my boyfriend and his family to visit Costa Rica in 11 days (which includes 2 days for air travel). Since we wanted to see the best aspects of the country in a limited amount of time, we highlighted a few prime locations to visit. We set out to have a very active and memorable trip (although it was not centered around food – gasp), and visited the Arenal Volcano, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and spent the rest of our trip on the central Pacific coast.

Costa Rica is the greenest country I’ve ever seen, with diverse terrain that offers something for everyone. I sought out less-crowded locations off the beaten path and found the lack of development to be a relaxing change of pace.

View of Arenal Volcano from Lake Arenal

La Fortuna Waterfall

Views of Gulf of Nicaragua from Monteverde

Hike at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Soaring over the treetops at 100% Aventura Canopy Tour


Beautiful shores of Manuel Antonio National Park (complete with Howler & Squirrel Monkeys!)


My favorite part of the trip: a Pura Vida beach bungalow complete with private beach

No color enhancement needed for the beautiful flora of Costa Rica


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