Paella Please!

My parents have had an affinity for Spanish paella for as long as I can remember; they used to host paella parties during the summer and were always excited by its endless possibilities.

This past Father’s day, my dad requested to dine outdoors and cook a lobster paella. The recipe is a family secret, of course (I’ll need it for a business someday)… but had to share the photos. Hopefully you will be inspired enough to try this paella recipe, which is sure to satisfy even the most discerning eaters. The best part about paella is the many different layers: the flavors are so robust and meld together like no other dish.

some serious sizzle


the saffron broth cooks the rice like a risotto (but it gets crispy in the paella pan)

add the colorful goodies: roasted pimentos, leeks, fresh clams, and pre-cook the lobster on the grill

add the lobster near the end

now, this is something to get excited about


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