The Weekend’s Best: 5 Snapshots

Since I’m obsessed with lists, I thought I would share five snapshots from this past weekend. I am definitely a “lives for the weekend” type of person, and can’t get enough of this beautiful city and miraculous sunshine.

1. Afternoon Run by the Bay

Given that my personal hobby is food blogging, one might infer that I like to eat. That being said, I try to maintain an active lifestyle and treat my body just as well as the food it consumes.

2. Homemade Pretzels at BiergartenSF

Don’t get me started on this understated beer garden in Hayes Valley — we arrived 15 minutes prior to their opening and still had to wait in line (which lasted all day), but it was worth it for homemade snacks and german brew.

3. Bittersweet Farewell at Txoko in North Beach 

OK, I admit it: I love foie gras. It’s a right of passage for any serious foodie, but contradicts the whole local sustainable food movement California is so proud of. We say goodbye to this delectable sin in just a few short days, which is why I wouldn’t stop until I tasted some.

4. Coconut Chip Frozen Dessert with Dark Cacao Sauce

I try to stay away from sweets, but this non-dairy dessert from Coconut Bliss is hard to resist – as it’s much lighter than regular ice cream and utterly delicious.

5. Vino + Truffles + Fire Pit

We went to Bin 38 for happy hour and were lucky enough to snatch the fire pit — along with truffle popcorn and flights of wine, you definitely could call it the perfect summer evening.


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