Not Just Any Waffles

One of my favorite things about weekends growing up was the smell of Sunday morning breakfast. My parents, who are responsible for what I like to call my “food crazy”, were kind enough to make waffles or pancakes on Sundays and it was something my sister and I always anticipated with so much excitement.

This past Sunday was just one of those mornings that warranted a special homemade breakfast. For no reason in particular, I got the urge to make some waffles; but not just any waffles. I decided to turn up the heat on my child hood favorite and make this recipe: Pancetta and Cinnamon Waffles. I topped off my super delicious Sunday waffles with maple syrup and organic fresh peach slices. The combination of textures from the toasted walnuts, savory pancetta, and sweet peaches knocked this one out of the park. Sunday could turn into a very dangerous day of the week. ‘Til next weekend!





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2 responses to “Not Just Any Waffles

  1. Eva

    I love waffles and must say that I never had “pancetta” in my waffles. Sounds pretty fancy and I am sure it is very tasty. Looks like a great waffle maker too!

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