Sweet Potato Hash Tostada

This recipe came to me while grocery shopping, as I  planned out my Sunday brunch menu. I had zero plan in mind, but I must say…this one left a positive impression.

Sometime I just visualize recipes and they happen, miraculously. I was inspired by some Japanese sweet potatoes, and decided they would be perfect for a breakfast hash. The end result was a breakfast tostada topped off with a fried egg. It’s everything you want in your breakfast fare: hearty, healthy, and full of yummy textures that make this dish stand above the rest. I can’t wait to make it again next weekend. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Hash Tostada with Leeks, Ham and a Fried Egg

serves 4

You will need:

1 package organic corn tortillas

4 eggs

2 large Japanese sweet potatoes; peeled and chopped into small chunks (you could do this the night before to save on prep time; just seal in a large zip lock bag and store in the fridge)

2 large leeks; cleaned, trimmed and sliced into thin half moons

1 cipollini onion; diced (I still had some left from the farmers market; so delicious as they are sweet and mild)

1 cup grated Gouda cheese (more or less…depending on your health preference/love for cheese)

6 sage leaves; minced

2 ripe avocados; sliced into chunks

4 slices black forest ham; diced

3 tbsp chives; minced

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt + freshly ground pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven to 400°. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. Place peeled, chopped potatoes in a large bowl and drizzle olive oil to your liking. Add sage, sea salt and freshly ground pepper and toss. Place seasoned potatoes on lined baking sheet, and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, or until cooked through. You will cook them a second time in the saute pan, so make sure not to overcook.

3. Heat a large saute pan over medium heat and drizzle olive oil. Add leeks and onion and stir. Cook for 10-15 minutes, or until translucent and slightly brown. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Add ham and stir. Cook another 5 minutes, and add roasted potatoes. Cook potato hash another 15 minutes; and then transfer to an oven-proof baking dish. Turn oven down to 250° and place potatoes in oven to keep warm.

4. The last step is the most important, especially if you are hosting guests for brunch. This is where you fry the eggs perfectly and grill the tortillas over an open flame. Sound easy? It’s actually pretty simple once you try it out – and it will help your multitasking skills.

5. Build tostadas and serve. Start with flame grilled tortilla (just cook it over an open flame on the stove, turning a few times and making sure it doesn’t burn), and next add some of the potato hash. Then top with avocado, and add the fried egg (I like my eggs over-medium). Garnish with chives. Voila, breakfast is served!




2 responses to “Sweet Potato Hash Tostada

  1. Catherine Munoz

    Om nom nom, looks delish!

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