5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need Right Now

If you’ve ever tried to chop anything, then you know prep work can be rough. It’s time consuming, requires 100% focus (or you could make a painful mistake), and can make cooking a drag – to be quite honest.

That being said, prep work is necessary when you cook with fresh ingredients. So, it’s basically here to stay; however, prep work does not have to be terrible, if you have the right tools to make your cooking life easy. Here are 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need Right Now*:

*you do not need to buy brand new and spend a lot, although the unused quality and guarantee can be appealing. I pick up most of my tools at the flea market or garage sales…at a fraction of the cost.

1. Food Processor/Cuisinart 

This thing will chop anything and everything. You can make salad dressings, sauces or purees, and prepare any kind of vegetable no matter the size. You can use the attachments, which make it double as a mandolin or grater, and make homemade potato chips, slice root vegetables for a roast gratin, and grate massive quantities of cheese. The list goes on and on. I could not cook without this.

2. Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

The baker’s go-to necessity. You can bake to your heart’s delight with this mixer, and with little effort. Whip up perfect, peaky egg whites and make meringues, or perfect your own chocolate chip cookie recipe. And then there’s the attachments…make your own pasta, ice cream, stuff sausages; the options can are overwhelmingly endless. Sometimes a day of baking is the best cure after a chaotic workweek. Try it, you’ll like it.

3. Lemon/Lime Juicer

Doesn’t need to be fancy, just needs to be functional. Freshly squeezed citrus juice is so multi-purpose — I probably use some kind of citrus in every other dish I make. You can bet this tool provides the most valuable return on investment. Or, kill two birds with one stone and buy a juicer attachment for your stand mixer.

4. Smoothie Machine/Blender

Unlike the food processor, this tool is best for liquids specifically. I use my smoothie machine to create nutritious green breakfast smoothies, and the other attachments are great for grinding coffee beans or whole nuts.

5. Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls (in various sizes)

These bowls are great for organizing all of your different materials when cooking, and great alongside the stand mixer when baking. When you keep all of your ingredients organized, the clean-up is noticeably more manageable.

There you go! If you are an aspiring chef-to-be, then you must consider acquiring the above five kitchen gadgets as soon as possible.


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